At Betty’s Law Office, we guide future and new immigrants to fulfil their Canadian dreams.  We bring years of experience, both working with the Department of Justice Canada and with thousands of successful clients who are now proud Canadians.  We see education as a key pathway for successful immigration to Canada and our firm has developed unique strategies to guide students through this process.  Learn more about how Betty’s Law Office can help you achieve your Canadian dreams today.

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Personal Injury

Anyone facing a personal injury requires not only legal expertise but one that is delivered in a compassionate manner.  At Betty’s Law, our alliance with one of Canada’s leading personal injury firm PACE Law, ensures that you will receive the maximum compensation you deserve.

Business and Corporate

A proper legal structure and strategy is one of the most important factors in determining success or failure of any business.  We understand entrepreneurship and the many pitfalls which small and mid-size businesses face.  Our approach is to proactively address any potential risk while maximizing growth and revenue opportunities.